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Launched by christopher moot poole in october 2003, the site hosts boards dedicated to a. In addition to chronicling the history of the site, as well as. Aaron swartz and david segal spearheaded outreach to progressive. Mattathias schwartz of the new york times likened b to a highschool bathroom stall, or an obscene telephone party line, while. The moment one tries to monetize something like 4chan is the moment it stops being. The anonymous denizens of 4chans other boards devoted to travel, fitness and several.

Transcript of chris poole before the honorable thomas w. The decentralised, anonymous imageboard 4chan is decried for its discursive. Saved image on pdf format of bs furry 100,000,000th post. For years, members of these forums political and nonpolitical have delighted in atten. In the new york times, mattathias schwartz described 4chanblike this. The present paper focuses on a critical discourse analysis of an online discussion opposing 4chan users and pop singer lauren. Moreover, in the absence of the persistent markers of identity and reputation common to social media platforms like facebook, 4chans anonymous users. A grounded analysis of 4chans b board reveals three. The logics of misogyny on 4chans random semantic scholar. Article information, pdf download for the house that fox built, open epub for the house that fox built.

This article focuses on 4chans b board, aif not thepillar of online trolling activity. The most relevant boards for furries on 4chan are trash offtopic and b random. Fluktuierende kollektive, lebendiges archiv personliche webseite. The case of 4chans b board this article explores the workings of memes as. Its key features include anonymity, as no iden tity is associated with posts, and ephemerality, i. The decentralised, anonymous imageboard 4chan is decried for its discursive construction of gender, particularly on its random b board.

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