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Westside barbell is an invitation only training facilityliving laboratory pushing the boundaries of athletic performance under the guidance of louie simmons. To this day, the westside barbell book of methods is one of the most interesting works ive ever read on powerlifting. Westside barbell training incorporates 4 workouts per week. Amazingly it can also apply to general sport strength by applying his conjugate method to training. Westside barbell book of methods louie simmons louie simmons and his westside barbell brand is a huge name in powerlifting. Louie simmons textbook of biochemistry with clinical correlations. Most write it off as only working for geared lifters, and instead turn to other types of programming that emphasize volume and simplicity in exercise selection. Founder of the legendary westside barbell club, an invitationonly gym where some of the strongest powerlifters in the world train, his methodical and researchbased approach to powerlifting is second to none. Jan 03, 2017 the westside barbell program should be looked at more as a set of training principles than a single workout program, a perspective that allows for considerable flexibility in program design. Day 1 maxlifting deadliftsquat day 2 rest day 3 maxlifting bench press day 4 rest day 5 dynamic lifting for lower body day 6 rest day 7 dynamic lifting for upper. But thats because dave signs my checks and i have to nod and laugh whenever he says. Westside barbell, the gym, has produced more multiply world record holders than any other single gym in the history of powerlifting.

Westside powerlifting morning crewdynamic effort lower body workout may 5, 2017. The westside method incorporates 4 workouts per week, training. Rather than devote all of my time to answer dms about that, i will answer those questions right here. I spent 12 years training with the wrong methods, one being the western. When i first heard of louie i was working as a college strength coach and competing in drug tested competitions. That june, i went out to intern at westside barbell. Biceps biceps curl barbell standing secondary muscles inside forearms starting position stand up and hold the barbell with your hands, palms facing forward in a mediumgrip position. I am writing this book on the development of special strengths to help raise individual. I read this book wanting to learn more about the westside method, especially since i have recently started competing in powerlifting. Westside barbell training method for beginners fitness. Westside for raw lifters the muscle bear powerlifting. Well researched, however for all the science louie boasts their. As a bodybuilder, however, its not likely that youll be squeezing into a doubleply shirt anytime soon. The westside barbell philosophy challenges popular beliefs about the wa.

Ive heard it 435 different times and it never gets old. The typical westside template is designed with the competitive powerlifter in mind, bench shirt and all. I like keeping the first week to a 3rm in order to reinforce technique. Behind its success is the westside barbell method, the brainchild of founder louie simmons. That gym is westside barbell, and the man that cam up with the system is none other than tha grand guru of strength training louis simmons.

Westside barbell template working with the standard template by jim wendler for. He is noted for developing the westside conjugate method of training and applying it to powerlifting and other sports, as well as inventing several pieces of strength training equipment. Sep 22, 2015 this had the disappointing effect of adding exactly 0 pounds to my squat while also causing my deadlift to suffer 500ish due to lack of training. Explosive strength explosive strength is trained at high velocity. At the time i bought this book, you could download all of this material right from the westside website. Monthly workouts powerlifting, mma, baseball, throwing, tactical, and more to come. The westside barbell cluban invitationonly gym in columbus, ohis known as the strongest gym on the planet. Westside barbell book of methods by louie simmons goodreads.

Westside for raw made easy by burley hawk the westside method, also known as the conjugate method, is a program that is often times misunderstood in the raw powerlifting realm. The science by john bryant i also found books about pl on the westside barbell site. Jan 01, 2000 if you have a serious interest in strength training, you no doubt know of louie simmons and westside barbell the home gym of some of the strongest men in the world. Among its record holders are 36 men whove benched more than 700 poundstwo of whom cracked 900and 19 athletes who have squatted more than 1,000 poundstwo of. A comparison of the 3 most popular powerlifting workouts. This training activity could be jumping exercises or it could be training with weights ranging from 30 percent to 40 percent on the average. Westside barbell book of methods by louie simmons in the world of advanced powerlifting, no name carries more weight than louie simmons. Westside barbell book of methods powerlifting forums t. Workout routine barbell full body printed on may 26 2011.

After purchasing the westside book of barbell methods, i realised exactly what he meant, it is the most informative book i have read for 20 years. It needs to be a specialist book on powerlifting, not a book on bodybuilding, or strength training, or explosive training for sports, or conditioning. Westside barbell is a gym in columbus, ohio that was started by powerlifting addict louie simmons. As soon as i read it i knew louie knew what he was talking about. It is a great read for understanding westside methods and how to structure weekly,monthly and yearly plans. Its been said that if you dont train at wsb, then you cant say you. Ultimate beginner book and dvd bundle westside barbell. In months two and three and four, you will go up to a 1 rep max. You will be working up in each exercises once per cyclemonth.

A comprehensive users guide to the westside barbell conjugate method for powerlifting. He uses a lot of science, and does his best to break it down into laymans terms. Westside training is a complex system that takes the best. The westside barbell method, also known as the conjugate method, was developed by louie simmons. If weights are used, you produce maximal force only in the beginningthe bar is too. Powerlifting by dan austin and bryan mann bench press. Upper body and bench press related exercises in one day.

Aug 18, 2015 the westside barbell method of training has helped athletes attain astronomical numbers in the powerlifting forum. Introduction the westside barbell program is the brainchild of powerlifter and strength coach louie simmons. Powerlifting workouts involve training each lift, not focusing on body parts. This book is a collection of training methods i have obtained through the past 30 years. Given that, where is the compelling reason to buy this book. Westside barbell is a private, invitationonly, elite training facility in columbus, ohio that was created by simmons. Simmons is a prolific writer and has written numerous articles, available free online, about the details of his system. May 26, 2019 westside barbell book of methods by louie simmons in the world of advanced powerlifting, no name carries more weight than louie simmons. Its athletes have set more than 140 world powerlifting records. Westside for raw made easy by burley hawk berserk barbell. Pick two sessions where you work up to a 610 rep max on a compound barbell movement immediately after your main work. The conjugate club will be the only resource you need to unlock optimal training for maximal results.

Since being founded in the early 80s in louies garage, westside barbell has boasted numerous champions in the realm of powerlifting and other sports, including the nfl and ufc. How to incorporate the westside barbell method into your. Olympic weightlifting strength manual paperback book. The book on overall method by louis simmons a book each on bench press and deadliftingsquat by simmons. The westside barbell system continues to evolve under the guidance of coach simmons. Westside barbell the official fan page posts facebook. Motion raise the barbell up towards your shoulders and slowly lower it back down after a short pause. Having founded his own private gym aptly named westside barbell in ohio, louies coaching and unique training system has produced dozens of world record holders and influenced. Westside barbell template the standard template powerlifting. Westside barbell methods louie simmons the ultimate. To this day, the westside barbell book of methods is one of the most interesting works ive ever read on powerlifting albeit also one of the more incoherent and.

Powerlifting training guide the soviets and westside count only alltime records, which amounts to roughly 600 lifts a year, similar to contest max lifts. Sign up for our email and be the first who know our special offers. The westside system adheres to a 4day per week training schedule and uses an upperlower split. Reflections on westside juggernaut training systems. His methods are somewhat divisive but they have certainly made an impact on the powerlifting world. Burley hawk the westside method, also known as the conjugate method, is a program that is often times misunderstood in the raw powerlifting realm. This is the easiest way for lifters to set up a westside barbell template to begin on their own. Its a place where you must give 100 percent every day or risk the wrath of simmons, a man who, at 65, still hits 10 workouts a week using poundages that would terrify the typical gym guy. A hardcore look at wendlers 531 powerlifting routine. Be the first to ask a question about westside barbell book of methods. This guide includes templates, workouts, training programs, and more. Feb 22, 2018 in the dead center of ohio, inside a dingy warehouse littered with weights and what looks like torture devices lies powerliftings most controversial and exclusive gym westside barbell. Westside training method louie simmons powerlifting method. This method has helped lifters and athletes across the world perform at a higher level for decades.

Westside barbell is a private, invitationonly, elite training facility in columbus, ohio that was created by. It is informative, interesting, and definitely one of a kind. This is a brief overview of what we do at westside barbell and will clear up some grey areas for beginner lifters. The bulgarian system mandated that the current training maxes were based on that particular days strength, equaling about 4,000 lifts a year. Boris sheikos thoughts on westside barbell elite fts. The standard template there is a great story from dave about how the standard template originated. Apr 02, 2012 it was during an interview with dan harrison, that he mentioned the importance to him of the louie simmons westside method of training. My problem is this is basically a collection of all of his articles from powerlifting usa. While the program is certainly effective for a vast population of lifters, its not exactly the easiest to follow correctly for lifters with a limited training history. This article represents a description of the westside barbell techniques at the time of this writing. This is in large part due to some anatomical issues i have which make it hard to build my squat. Dec 12, 2016 if youve been involved with powerlifting within the last few years, youve most likely heard of the westside barbell method developed by louie simmons.

Starting westside barbell powerlifting forums t nation. Louie simmons has also used the westside barbell method to train and develop athletes and teams from many different disciplines including olympic gold medal sprinters butch reynolds and moe robinson, ufc champions. Sep, 2003 in the world of powerlifting one gym, and its system of training pretty much dominates the sport. Louie simmons is a highly read man in terms of powerlifting. Bill peanuts west, part 3 the alchemy of the unsung. Special strengthsexplosive, speed, and strength speedare trained at different velocities. Louis simmons born 12 october 1947 is a former american powerlifter and current strength coach. Westside barbell the official fan page 457 industry dr, columbus, ohio 43204 rated 4.

The programs principles are borrowing from soviet and bulgarian weightlifting training techniques and ingeniously adapted to powerlifting. Westside barbell book of methods powerlifting forums. Continue reading for a little westside history and an explanation of the training protocol the history of westside barbell. To this day, the westside barbell book of methods is one of the most interesting works ive ever read on powerlifting albeit also one of the more. He was presenting facts in training that were profound and effective. This template calls for only 3 special exercises per 16 weeks. Few powerlifting programs have generated as much interest as conjugate periodization aka westside. Some programs have you train all three lifts in the same workout, others devote a single workout to a single lift. If you are new to powerlifting, a basic program that focuses on frequent practice of. Louie simmons gym, westside barbell in columbus, ohio, is regarded as the most hardcore gym on earth. See more ideas about barbell, powerlifting and weight training workouts. I read my first article about louie simmons and westside barbell in the mid 80s.

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