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At the completion of this class you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to perform proper assembly disassembly, barrelling procedures, perform routine maintenance and inspections. Ar15m16 armorers checklist active response training. There are better guns than the colt, but you have to pay quite a bit more to get better. Trigger installation manuals,lower reciever manufacturers,fulton armory catalog,bushmaster ar15 gas piston retrofit,ar15m16 armorers tool kit,taper pin starter. Brownells is your source for colt ar 15m4 parts at brownells. Download doc, 248kb if you are really interested in learning how to take care of your ar15, you need to go to armorer s school. The 2 im looking at and that my dept will pay for are colt and bushmaster. Academi armorer courses will qualify you to disassemble, service, inspect and reassemble various weapons systems. Sep 09, 2011 the colt bcg was purchased new at the austin gun show a few years back and had been in my parts drawer since.

This 2 day 16 hour comprehensive course will cover tool selection and usage, diagnosing and troubleshooting malfunctions, replacement of key components, maintenance and much more. Rating is available when the video has been rented. Armorer certification training course for agencies and. Ar15 armorers manual kindle edition by gun plumber author 3. Colt magazine 1911 officer, colt defender, new agent 9mm luger 8ro. Colt sporter target model ar 15 semi automatic rifle semiautomatic rifles like the colt hbarsporter target are the current choice of many highpower shooters at camp perry.

I am a f for sale by txsporting on gunsamerica 985886164. From armorers wrenches and vises to rollpin punches and sight adjustment tools, we carry tools from the best manufacturers on the market like midwest industries, geissele automatics and kns precision. Our m1911m1911a1 and ar15 carbine courses are milspec and have been taught for oem manufacturers and the national rifle association for over 15 years. Com is the worlds largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiats of all types. Whether you are doing a complete build or a simple parts swap, we have all the tools you will need to build your next ar15.

Armorers work with weapons and ammunition and are usually employed by the military or by law enforcement agencies. Gunsite is pleased to host colt for their factory armorer s course not often offered outside of leomil. Ar15 specialty tools for sale at joe bob outfitters. Colt armorer s training if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above.

Factory colt charging handle assembly for m16m4 ar15 type rifles. Ok guys, you were so valuable on valuing my walther ppk i thought id dig out another for you to assess. Your new armorer s kit contains the most comprehensive group of repair and maintenance tools ever offered to the armorer and gunsmith for working on the ar15m16. Colt magazine 1911 officer, colt defender, new agent 45 acp 7round. The colt m4m16 armorers course includes the m16 family of weapons, and all its variants including the m4, the ar15 and 9mm smg. Colt started selling the semiautomatic version of the m16 rifle as the colt ar 15 in 1964. It too is in mint condition, no rubs or rust and i have only fired. Colt ar15 identification guide internet movie firearms. Armory manufactured pistols, contractors like colt, union switch and signal, remingtonrand, and singer produced colt automatics for war service. Download colt ar 15 armorer manual download songs computer memory card colt ar 15 armorer manual colt ar 15 armorer manual. The sig sauer factory armorer certification enables the agency armorer or individual user to completely disassemble, inspect, service, and reassemble associated weapon systems without voiding the factory warranty proper and routine weapon maintenance and inspection of a firearm are essential to ensure maximum reliability. We carry a variety of tools that you might need for your ar, including punch kits, gas blocks, and more from brands you trust like guntec, wheeler engineering, and magpul industries. Colt magazine 1911 government, commander 38 super 9round stainless.

Ar15 certified armorer coins the colt ar15 resource. Day one 1 includes history, nomenclature, theory of operation, complete field disassembly, and parts identification. Text must be in same order with no additional words. This program follows the manufacturers guidelines and is taught by fbi and nra certified instructors. Colt law enforcement distributor for the firearms manufacturer known for its 1911 pistols and ar15 m16m4 rifles used by police and military forces around the world. Search must match the text of the course exactly as it appears. Wheeler delta series ar armorers essentials kit youtube. Colt magazine 1911 government, commander 45 acp 7round stainless s. In this class, you will become familiar in the operation of the weapon. Ar15 armorer course by semper paratus arms 88 tactical. If you are curious about americas rife, the ar15, then this is the class for you. Shop our wide selection from several industryleading brands like magpul, midwest, wheeler and others.

One of my first personally owned firearms that i purchased was a colt ar15 sporter match hbar rifle, which i still own, and is my only experience with colt since getting out of the marines. Theres a lot of discussion on the net as to which rifling twist is the best for accuracy using 55gr ammo. The canadian company colt canada formerly diemaco licensed production of a rifle colt model 715 and carbine colt model 725, but later went on to produce an entire line of ar 15 m16 pattern weapons developed independently. Top rated supplier of firearm reloading equipment, supplies, and tools colt. The academi armorer course is the premier ar15m16 armorer course in the united states and is the benchmark certification for the industry. Ar 15 gunsmithing tools for sale midsouth shooters. Your new armorers kit contains the most comprehensive group of repair and maintenance tools ever offered to the armorer and gunsmith for working on the ar15m16.

Picked up a wheeler delta series ar armorers essentials kit shortly after christmas and boy did i get a deal. Ar15 stands for armalite rifle for the original developer and manufacturer of the ar15 the armalite division of fairchild aircraft. An ar15 m16 m4 rifle flat working surface cleaning rods brushes pads solvent lubricating oil no tools are required to perform this procedure because the rifle is designed to be broken down by hand. Colt ar15 manual safety and instruction manual for the colt ar15 author. In may 2005, colt s manufacturing company acquired diemaco, and the name was changed to colt canada. Its a colt ar 15 model sp1 i purchased new in 1983. Due to the large number of companies that make ar 15 pattern rifles that are nearly indistinguishable from the. Colt ar15 match target rifle instruction manual keywords. It was designed to be manufactured with the extensive use of aluminum alloys and synthetic materials. From hunters and military members, to competition shooters and general firearm enthusiats, we welcome anyone who values and respects the way of the firearm. This kit was designed with the assistance of key sales. From armorer s wrenches and vises to rollpin punches and sight adjustment tools, we carry tools from the best manufacturers on the market like midwest industries, geissele automatics and kns precision. Colt ar 15 rifles,colt ar 15 assault rifles for sale online.

Armorers will be certified in the proper maintenance, care, and repair of these weapons systems, including semiauto and selectfire trigger systems. It is recommended to try words in different orders input page number to navigate. The first mass production version was the colt ar 15 sporter, in. I was trying to choose between a colt 6720, 6721 or drive 30 miles to the next town to get a 6920. I received my charging handle very promptly and had no issues with anything. No student who fails the m16 armorer course will be allowed to attend the adv armorer course. This is not a complete list of all variants produced by colt, and only contains those variants that have appeared in media.

If you dont want to spend the money or cant find an armorer s class, please check out my article on ar15 maintenance and repair you should also purchase the book gunsmithing the ar15 its the best resource ive found for taking care of ar15 rifles. This 20 hour block of instruction takes the individual armorer to a new level of weapons training by creating a synthesis of realworld and technical materialrarely presented to law enforcement and military personnel. Each graduate will gain a complete understanding of the design theory, nomenclature, dynamics, compatibility. Feb 03, 20 this is another colt ar 15 i bought in the mid 90s and never fired it. This 2day course is designed for the professional who wants the designation of ar15m16 armorer it covers the ar15m16 platforms and provides instruction on how to diagnose and repair malfunctions, return firearms to military specifications. An ar 15 m16 m4 rifle flat working surface cleaning rods brushes pads solvent lubricating oil no tools are required to perform this procedure because the rifle is designed to be broken down by hand. The furniture and recoil bufferspring was from my first 6. Essential duties listed on an armorer resume sample include inspecting items, cleaning weapons, performing repairs, making sure weapons are in safe operating condition, operating the firing range, and maintaining relevant records. Bob dunlap completely understands the design, function, and repair of eugene stoners masterpiece, the ar15 rifle. Standard colt ar15m16 armorer s kit premium colt ar15m16m4 armorer s kit tool addon listed in bold 1 cleaning rod small arms handle section 2 cleaning rod small arms rod 1 3 cleaning rod small arms rod 2 4 cleaning rod small arms rod 3 5 barrel nut allignment gauge 6 starrett 532 center punch. Its important to have the right gunsmithing tools when it comes to your ar 15 and we understand that here at midsouth shooters. A new chapter in the evolution of the popular expanse m4 carbine line with the release of the new upgraded model ce2000.

Les eagle sont les produits a petit prix chez armalite. Factory armorer courses at sig sauer academy certify agency armorers or. Colt sporter target model ar 15 semi automatic rifle nra museum. Lower receiver internal strip, clean fcg parts overall appearance dirt, rust, moisture, etc. Hey guys, my dad asked me to sell his colt, sporter ii, ser. See all formats and editions hide other formats and editions. Ar15 armorer course information semper paratus arms. Ar15 armorer course by semper paratus arms at 88 tactical. M16 armorer manual 2012 m16 armorers course manual power point robot m16a2 army armorers manual f 150 haynes repair manual 15m16 armorer course patc hitachi seiki hicell manual m16 armorer manual fm 239. What are the differences between a bushmaster and a colt ar15. Colt ar15 match target rifle instruction manual subject. Colt sp1 vs colt ar15a2 we have a little shootoff challenge here between the original colt sp1 rifle with a 1.

Armorer training classes are a mixture of classroom instruction and handson exercises, enabling each student to achieve a high degree of familiarity with the topics covered. Colt m4m16 armorers course ocean county police academy. We offer the best pricing on the best available weapons, that is why we only offer colt. When you lend, give or sell this firearm, be sure this manual goes with it. This class is for the potential buyer, new owner, or those just interested in americas most popular firearms platform, the ar15.

Does anyone have an ar15 armorer inspection form they use. Depending on the date of manufacture it may have an a1 or an a2 lower receiver. Upon completion, graduates will be able to repair and maintain the ar15m16 platform to. Nov, 2016 the only difference physically is the trademark. The ar 15 armorers course exists to help students learn how to effectively and safely fully disassemble, and reassemble all variants of ar15 and m16 style rifles, diagnose malfunctions and how to perform corrective actions and repairs. Contains in depth information including chapters on general repair and maintenance, armorer repair, material utilization, final inspection, repair refinishing and reassembly, etc. Ar15 certified armorer coins colt has a mobile training team that travels around the country teaching select law enforcement, military and private security organizations how to maintain colt firearms.

The following is a list of the eight best ar15 armorer s wrenches currently on the market. I am pretty sure it is pre ban, so transferable to ban states the rifle is in nice shape, less then rounds fired likely less then 500 but i like to err on the side of caution. This page is intended as a guide to identify the various colt manufactured m16 variants and derivatives. Ar15 armorers operator course kit price not more details here. Supersedes copy dated august 1987 technical manual direct support. Academi courses ar15 carbine armorer missouri city, tx. Try to get armorer certified so you can learn just how complicated building one can be. Colt ar15 advanced armorer course saint paul, minnesota. If you find one that stands out as the best one, you know it will be a win,ning pick. Armorer s manual ar15m16m4 family of weapons bartocci, christopher on. Course length is 24 class hours over 3 days with no shooting included.

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