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The subject of lenses and lens selection for large format cameras can be quite daunting for photographers new to the medium. Photooptics photographic and enlarging lenses of the very highest order for all areas of professional photography, both analog and digital, from 35 mm to large format. Catalog of large format lenses 23 return to the database. Sale add to cart contax 645 auto medium format macro bellows used condition. Buy and sell used schneider camera lenses at keh camera. And the the latest super wide angles from rodenstock and schneider are really tempting.

Although large format lenses obviously serve the same purpose as lenses for 35mm, dslr, and medium format cameras, they. The universal shift possibilities of the large format camera in large format camera photography there is no rigid connection, compared to small and medium formats. Konica ar 301 konica f 10 large format 24 leica m 127 leica r 72. Featuring a lockable focus and iris, these lenses have been optically corrected for the 400 nm wavelength range. Rodenstock wide angle large format lenses with recommended center filters lens angle f22 exposure correction stops filter thread cf recommended, manufacturers article number 354. Spreadsheet of schneider vintage lens data large format. The plasmat, which took over in the 50s60s, had six lens elements in four groups.

Kenneth lee gallery a few favorite large format lenses. In practice, lenses from 5mm to 180mm and for some photographers, even 210mm are considered normal for a 4x5 camera. Great savings free delivery collection on many items. Schneiders line of large format lenses has a reputation for highquality construction and durability, and all lenses carry a lifetime warranty. Famous for its superb definition and contrast, particularly in large scale enlarge ments.

The free movement of lens and film standards enables. Your source for large format lenses from top brands like rodenstock, cambo, horseman and linhof. Mostly on the used market you will be able to find schneider, rodenstock, fuji, and nikkor lenses. With the information down, i decided having everything in one place would be easier. All large format camera lenses are designed to be used. Not sure what shutter the 150mm cells fit possible the same. Photographic and enlarging lenses of the very highest order for all areas of professional photography, both analog and digital, from. Most schneider lenses have been designed with color correction and broadband coating to work well over the entire visible light range from 400nm and are available in 23 format, 1 format, and larger to cover large megapixel camera sensors. Check out our selection used large format lenses and save some cash. Specializing in schneider large format lenses, 8x10 lenses, symmars, gold dot dagor, apo symmar, superangulon, super symmar xl, apo artar, xenar, 4x5 lenses, makro lenses, telexenar and schneider center filters. All of these lenses are considered wideangle, and each focal length is designed for a specific format.

Used lenses medium and large format national camera. Free photography pdf files for download pdf files useful. Schneider wide angle large format lenses with recommended. Large format anamorphic lens kits are adaptable to virtually any camera dslr, cinema, medium format, etc. I took everything straight from the pages, so if theres anything wrong, it should be original to schneiders webpage e. Xenonemerald large sensor many camera manufacturers are using the fmount bayonet or the v48mount as the camera lens interface of their high resolution area and line scan cameras. Large format telephotos without compromise nikkort series lenses represent a breakthrough in telephoto optical design, telephotos, valued because. Stuart singer appointed new ceo of schneider optics, inc. My 5mm cells will unscrew from the standard enlarger lens barrel and fit a compurcopal 0 shutter. Built from high quality isco or schneider optics, these large format anamorphic lenses are as sharp as any of the mini anamorphic lenses. Introduction to lenses for large format cameras, 2nd edition. In most popular focal lengths we can find lenses of similar description from each of these manufacturers. The plasmat in particular is a very efficient lens design and is sometimes used for macro lenses in 35mm cameras.

Select the fujinon product you are looking for or choose a different brand. Shop by mount such as canon ef, arri pl mount, m42. Because the various imaging errors, such as spherical aberration, astigmatism, coma, curvature of field, distorpanoramic cameras of the rollfilm formats 6x12 cm and 6x17 cm also require. Whether in the studios, in the large premiere theater or in the home cinema our products always set standards in taking and projection of films. The following list of view camera lenses was prepared to compare older lenses which may be available on the used market. Perfect for entry level anamorphic where size and weight is a secondary concern to image quality. Alvandi camera systems produce various types of 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 inch large format tiltshift technical cameras, as well as a 6x17 panorama. Cctvoem infraredcorrected cctv lenses, highresolution cmount lenses, and macro systems for image processing and noncontact measurement technology, as well as customized development and. Almost every lens in this group has an angle of coverage of either 100 or 105 and focal lengths ranging from 65mm to 210mm. Many photographers start their large format lens kit with a normal lens.

Rodenstock lenses for large format cameras will meet your highest requriements. Large format lenses from carl zeiss oberkochen 19501972. In addition to the above, we produce according to the customers request, all the photographic equipment, including all types of large format cameras, medium format, panoramic, roll film, sheet film developing holder, spherical and cylindrical panoramic. Schneider large format fmount lenses edmund optics. Fuji and nikon didnt make center filters or suggest which to. Remember that when judging sharpness of large format lenses, you always have to take techinque into consideration.

Rodenstock and schneider wide angle large for mat lenses with recommended center filters table 7. Choosing a 4x5 camera and lenses alex burke photography. Unlike most large format wide angle lenses, i can use ordinary 67 mm screwin filters and still have the full 120 degrees of coverage with no shadowing or vignetting from the filter ring. Sw series lenses deliver high contrast and resolution, reduced flare and. Below are the results of some tests of large format lenses i did over the years. Download it and you will be able to work with the lens database is much faster and easier. Some of the higherend lenses of the schneider line are among the most expensive optics available in large format photography. These fine lenses are also used for microfilm, instrument reading. Placement of the film plane, choice of aperture, tripod. Large format lenses are different from smaller formats in that the shutter will be installed in the lens between the front and rear elements. I spent some time this morning in the way back machine on putting schneiders lost vintage lens data into a spreadsheet. Older large format lenses used a tessar design which just had four lens elements in three groups. The best way to test a lens would be to use an mtf measurement setup like the zeiss k8, but since this is not an option for me, i made test chart images and evaluated negatives, similar. Find the perfect deal for schneider camera lenses with free shipping on many items at ebay.

Hauppauge, ny prweb november 3, 2008 schneider optics, the well known lens and professional filter manufacturer, has announced the coming availability of the schneiderkreuznach apotelexenar compact lens for professional photographers and amateur photo enthusiasts shooting in. The lens range offered by schneider, assures that all the advantages of using large format, are retained. The free movement of lens and film standards enables much better correction of converging verticals etc. Large format lenses introduction large format lenses angulon series. Center filters for large format lenses by daniel w. Schneiderkreuznach expands the xenontopaz cmount compact lens series the new 6. The mcomponon is a specialpurpose large format macro lens. Photographic and enlarging lenses of the very highest order for all areas of professional photography, both analog and digital, from 35 mm to large format. Schneiderkreuznach expands the xenontopaz cmount compact lens. There are numerous blank values in the table for which no data was available.

W lenses incorporate six elements in four groups and cover a field of 70 degrees at f22 74 degrees and 73 degrees with the ioornm f5. Schneider optics 211070506 53 5 megapixel 100mm lens. Ideal for surface inspection and line scan applications, schneider large format fmount lenses offer low distortion and uniform performance across the entire focal plane. Rodenstock film lenses, 8x10 lenses, sironar, grandagon, apo sironars, imagon, caltar iin, yasarex, macro sironarn, apo ronar, rotelar, apogerogon s and heliopan center filters. Compiled by michael gudzinowicz for the large format page. Large collection of schneider large format lens literature i am selling my complete collection of schneider large format lens literature. The site is primarily in german, but some pages are also avaliable in english, as are pdf data sheets on some of their recently introduced products. Buy and sell used schneider large format lenses at keh camera. Schneider does seem to have been much more heavily involved in developing newer designs lenses than rodenstock in recent years.

For your device is available official mobile app all photo lenses from. Large format lenses have been made since the beginning of photography but in recent years the big four manufacturers have been schneider, rodenstock, fuji and nikon. The latest lenses from schneider to cover the ultra large formats are great if youre into ulf. At used photo pro, we offer the best prices on used large format camera lenses from schneider, nikon, fujifilm, and other brands. On extension the performance of a componon lens is pretty average with a sharp center and a general falloff in performance towards the corners with a peak in performance of about f4. Save up to 40% off retail price and get a 180day warranty. Large format photography was and is a rather small market and at the time of the reunification had four established players, i. It took me many years and several hundred dollars to accumulate this lot. Componons were sold as large format close fieldmacro lenses, they still are but not the longer focal lengths.

Effective december 16, 2019, stuart singer starts as chief executive. Rodenstock hasnt done anything that i know of with or to its line of lf lenses for at a least a decade. Schneiderkreuznach superangulon 90 mm f 8 lens mounts. The swseries lenses feature wide covering power and a wide image circle. Technically, most photographers consider the 150mm lens the normal lens for a 4x5 camera. Buy schneider large format camera lens and get the best deals at the lowest prices on ebay. Introduced in 1930, the angulon is the original schneider wideangle lens. Schneiderkreuznach has addressed these topics with high resolution xenonemerald lenses series for large format cameras with up to 29 mp sensors. For even more information on schneider large format lenses, visit the schneiderkreuznach web site of the manufacturer. Besides mentioned shutter types you can request lenses in horsemaniss, nobleprestor and copalpress shutters.

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