Hexacon model 1002 manual pdf

Optiflex b manual coating equipment gema powder coating. This manual explains how to use the hakko hu200 and the software. If your pulse showerspa model does not cover this area, you will need to either choose another pulse showerspa model that does or make necessary repairs with appropriate materials i. Hexacon soldering irons thermotrac 1001 1002 1002a selecto trac 1003ab 1006ab back to plato. J tips with a 500, 600 or 700 series part number fit the thermotract power boost tot1002pbs soldering stations. Hexacons a series mini irons are the leading pencil iron in the industry for steady output applications.

Do not touch any hexagon socket head cap screw other than those indicated in this. Document applicability features released in the most recent. Hexacon tot1002plus thermotrac digital temperature controlled soldering station 350850 f. Power boost model 1002pbs power boost model 1002pbs delivers high quality solder joints on multilayer boards with ease and without damaging the board or components. F and is perfect for soldering applications with wide range of temperature requirements.

This adjustable unit can hold any temperature within 350. You can view your owners manual online and print it through our new service site, servicenet. Login register logout my account feedback contact us help. If you know your products model number then just enter the model number in the search field. Please completely fill out all information below, so that we can mail you a new operating manual in a timely manner. Hexacon s branding iron distributors are engraving craftsmen and expert in reproducing the most effective design for your application.

Please note that all products are referenced by their official distribution model number on the site. Model 1002 installation and operation manual 4 part no. Info on a hexacon thermotrac 1002 soldering iron needed. J tips fit all thermotrac tot 1002 and tot1006 soldering stations. Hexacon is currently open and operating under guidelines called for by the governor. Soldering stations ec 1002 ec2002 mc5001 wcc100 wes50 wtl dtl. Model x has sensors around the drivers door that can recognize the presence of a key within a range of approximately three feet one meter. View and download heatworks model 1 installation and user manual online. A custom outercase is required to accommodate the power boost tips larger diameter so be sure to have a. Click here for powerhouse iron replacement parts guide.

Our name originates from the hexagonal shaped iron case designed by our founder arthur l. Hexacon offers a wide variety of sponges and trays to meet our customers needs. Owner manuals having trouble locating your owners manual. J202x is the standard tip furnished with the station. Remove the hexagon mounting bolts in case of 90degree turn. If you have any questions or concerns about your model x, call 187779tesla 18777983752. This unique design allowed our tools to be vise mounted and increased durability. The model x owners manual is available on the touchscreen. Pulse showerspa model that covers the location of your existing valve assemblyeither single handle or twohandle type. Although you must be carrying a valid key, there is no need to use it. For detailed information about your model x, go to. Resists corrosion from activated fluxes and chemicals. Opening and closing keys and doors keyless locking and unlocking locking and unlocking model x is convenient.

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