Electro hydraulic control system

Electrohydraulic control systems kawasaki heavy industries, ltd. Electrohydraulic control technology introduction hydraforce. An introduction to proportional and servo hydraulics if you want to keep up with where hydraulics is heading now and in the future, then this is essential knowledge. The ehc system has both electronic and hydraulic parts.

Designing a hydraulic control system involves several design considerations and tradeoffs. Hydraulic and electrohydraulic control systems springerlink. It can also be mounted remotely in a separate enclosure. Outputs can be onoff voltage signals or proportional pwm signals to control the hydraulic valving. Electrohydraulic control systems bosch rexroth australia. Electrohydraulic control systems bosch rexroth usa. The main ehc system control logic, shown in figure 3. Electronic control in mobile equipment can consist of the following.

The ati electrohydraulic control system is designed to be a 505,000 psig hydraulic power and control source to drive either linear, quarterturn or multiturn hydraulic valve actuators. It processes the inputs and converts them into a defined output to the hydraulic system. System analysis of electrohydraulic control systems. The rexrothsydfe is an electrohydraulic control system based on an axial piston variable displacement pump for controlling pressure, flow and power without. This technology originally was developed for the aerospace industry but has since expanded into many other industries where hydraulic power is commonly used. Our selfcontained unit is housed in a standard nema 4 epoxy painted carbon steel enclosure. The controller can have the ability to engage in twoway communications with a bus system for example. Since the founding of automation technology ati more than. The rexrothsydfe is an electrohydraulic control system based on an axial piston variable displacement pump for controlling pressure, flow and power without throttling losses in the energy line.

The ati compact electrohydraulic control system ehcs is directmounted to ati springreturn, doubleacting linear and quarterturn actuators. The dasheh control system is a key safety technology designed to work in conjunction with veto, halliburtons premier 15000 psi subsea. These inputs can be defined as the user interface, and can consist of joysticks, potentiometers, operator panels, or other input devices. Ehas eliminate the need for separate hydraulic pumps and tubing, simplifying system architectures and improving safety and reliability. General electric systems technology manual chapter 3. Pdf due to the advantages of hydraulic systems with volume control and because of the widespread use of axial piston pump with variable. A second look at electrohydraulic motion control systems.

The mitsubishi turbine ehg control system can be applied to a variety of turbine generator system designs. Hydraulic system designers should realize early in the design process that a power unit providing constant pressure to the control valve is best suited to the motion. The advantages are robustness, high efficiency, energy efficiency as well as a dynamic and highly accurate regulation. An electrohydraulic servo valve is an electrically operated valve that controls how hydraulic fluid is sent to an actuator. Servo valves can provide precise control of position, velocity, pressure, and force with good post movement damping characteristics. Our original pid control system with a builtin microprocessor has achieved accurate controllability. Servo valves are often used to control powerful hydraulic cylinders with a very small electrical signal. The turbine electro hydraulic governor ehg control system controls steam flow to the turbine thorough a series of servodriven electrohydraulic valves. The double feedback system of the sensed tilting angle and.

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