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List of united states marine corps mos military wiki fandom. The following usmap apprenticeship trades are related to mos 2311 ammunition technician. The united states marine corps military occupational specialty mos is a system of. Military occupational specialty mos roadmaps united. A new apparatus for the simultaneous measurement of quasistatic and high. Marine corps cool summary mos 2311 ammunition technician. List of military occupation specialty codes mos by state and county page. Mos 3521, automotive maintenance technician the military. The usmc now publishes an annual navymarine corps joint publication. Mos roadmaps are specifically tailored to each mos or succession of moses and cover all primary moses for all enlisted ranks. Counterintelligencehuman source intelligence cihumint specialist. Some training and education is mandatory recruit training, mct, mos school, etc. Proceed to step 1 on the usmap website to select an apprenticeship trade that is related to your military occupation.

The united states marine corps military occupational specialty mos is a system of categorizing career fields. Tecom strategy, covid19 training guidance, and mission essential training. List of united states marine corps mos the marine corpss military occupational specialty mos is a system of categorizing career fields. Bulk fuel specialists install, operate, maintain and repair fuel handling units and accessory equipment, and test petroleum products to evaluate the quality used in amphibious assault fuel handling systems. Aav crewmen prepare aavs for the tactical employment of troops and equipment during ship to shore movement and the resulting operations ashore. Enlisted moss 0312, 0314, 0612, 0619, 0651, 0659, 2834, and 8972 have been deleted. Mos microsoft office specialist wordexcelpowerpoint 2010. Defense base closure and realignment commission and was provided to unt digital library by the unt libraries government documents department. I made an 81 on the asvab and qualified for every job except one electronics job. Hey marines im currently a poolie shipping out in a week to boot and an becoming a 0631 reservist. Mos 2111 small arms repairertechnician home facebook. In addition, we have also linked to more details on some of the more popular marine mos below the line score. It seems like a job that is technical and can be used in the.

Mos and other skill training, professional military education, and voluntary education. Can anyone direct me to a website where i can find road maps for any mos. I was wondering if anyone knew any information on the mos 0631, there isnt much to any online. The educational roadmap below will assist sailors in the hospital corpsman community through the process of pursuing professional development. Service or repair telephone, cable television, internet, and other communications equipment on customers property. Their work has been described as experimental and innovative, qualities frontandcenter in their previous collection everything all at once.

Also, since all marines eventually return to civilian life, this mos roadmap will guide you through the professional certificate or apprenticeship. The automotive maintenance technician services, inspects, maintains, and repairs motor transport equipment at the field level. These occupations may require additional education, training or experience. Designed to help you practice and prepare for microsoft office specialist mos.

Mos 2010 study guide for microsoft word expert, excel. Effective use of the manpower inventory by placing the right marine in the right billet, i. Becoming a microsoft office specialist provides valuable distinction. Designed to help you practice and prepare for four microsoft office specialist mos exams, this allinone study guide features. Install, setup, rearrange, or remove switching, distribution, routing, and dialing equipment used in central offices or headends. To train marines in ground electronics maintenance, tactical communications, and air controlantiair warfare operations and maintenance in order to ensure that marine commanders at all levels have the ability to exercise command and control. Mos 0612 is the tactical switching operator is a primary mos pmos and it has a rank range between private to sergeant.

Get 0411 mos roadmap usmc pdf file for free on our ebook library pdf file. I received one during mos school but i cant find my copy and its apparently not online. Mos roadmaps for the mos roadmaps site, you must be on a government computer with cac access. There are mos t i t l e changes in officer occflds 26, 30, 59, 75, and 80. Primary moss 0612 field wireman 06 construction wireman 0614 unit level circuit switch ulcs operatormaintainer 0619 wire chief 0621 field radio operator 0622 mobile multichannel equipment operator 0624 high frequency communication central operator. Created in 1994 to improve intelligence at the tactical level in the marine corps, this field provides intelligence officers with an. Stumbled on a neat website, has lots of info about most moss. Musician, drum major, enlisted conductor, small ensemble leader, instrument repair tech, band officer current as of. The standard structure of an mos identifier is a 4digit number, with the first two being the category, and the second two being the career within prestated category. All enlisted and officer marines are assigned a fourdigit code denoting their primary occupational field and specialty.

There are mos t i t l e changes in officer occflds. Many products that you buy can be obtained using instruction manuals. Specialist exams specialist mos microsoft it academy. Microsoft office specialist mos mos certification validates microsoft office skills that are valuable for a wide range of jobs and other life pursuits. Below you will find a complete marine corps mos list for all 123 enlisted careers available, including a brief description of the mos job responsibilities, and corresponding asvab line score. If you are attracted to the infantry occupational field and the intelligence field, the ground intelligence mos may offer the best of both worlds. Basic engineer, construction, facilities, and equipment officer. The following federal occupations are similar to mos 1142 engineer equipment electrical systems technician. Mos 1142 engineer equipment electrical systems technician.

Tactical switching operator or field wireman mos 0612. As members of an assault amphibious vehicle aav crew or unit, aav crewmen perform various duties to assist with the operation and maintenance of their vehicles and the upgunned weapons station. Read online now 0311 mos roadmap ebook pdf at our library. Additional moss may be assigned through a combination of training andor experience, which may or may not include completion of a formal school and assignment of a. So things like length of school,what i will be basically learning and how transferable are the skills i learn to the civilian world. Marine corps cutting scores, cutting score for sgt usmc, cutting score for cpl usmc, cutting score for sgt, cutting score for cpl, manpower cutting scores, active. Mos 20 study guide microsoft word exam 77418 advance your everyday skills with word 20.

The purpose of this manual is to present the marine corps occupational. Mos 0211s when deployed must become familiar with the area, the customs and traditions of its people, and the infrastructure of a foreign force. For more information about these occupations, click on the federal occupation below. The united states marine corps military occupational specialty mos is a system. Private first class wamper will attain the mos 2847 and greatly enhance the capabilities of his unit. Marine corps enlisted mos descriptions usmc hangout. In just ten years, michael meredith and hilary sample have established mos as one of the leading young architecture practices in. Ive tried googling, but im having a difficult time finding anything.

It refers to tactical switching operators and field wiremen. Mullen, iii signed the tecom vision and strategy for 21st century learning tstrat and tecom campaign plan tcp on april, 2020. Mos 0612, tactical switching operator sgt to pvt pmos a. The mos roadmap includes the three areas encompassed by the continuum. Digital multichannel wideband transmission equipment operator. Over two million microsoft office specialist certificates have been issued, and. Surveillance sensor officers supervise the employment of surveillance sensors. Im snorting hard for cpl and i would like to know what mcis are out there for my mos. Understanding mos designation codes military occupational specialty codes mos are used to designate job descriptions and duties within the marine corps. You will be glad to know that right now 0411 mos roadmap usmc pdf is available on our online library. Cutting scores june 2020 active corporal cuttingscores. Cihumint specialists share and obtain the information by special automated databases, interviewinterrogation techniques, liaison, specialized ci techniques, technical support measures, investigative.

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