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Dra developmental reading assessment level correlation chart grade level kindergarten 1st grade levels 2nd grade levels basal level kindergarten beginning middle end 1st beg mid end 2nd dra level 1 2 3. Developmental reading assessment, second edition dra2. The dra2 provides teachers with information that helps them determine a. Dra2 teacher observation guides bay city public schools. Dra level 1 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 24 30 34 38 40 50 60 70 80. Write the titles of the latest books you have finished reading.

Details about dra2 developmental reading assessment benchmark 17 different titles books. The dra2 family of assessments gives teachers of students in grades k3 and 48 the necessary tools to accurately assess their students reading skills and inform future instruction. Kindergarten and fifth grade teachers have the option of using dra2. Grades 48 reading survey the student responds in writing to the reading survey. Includes teachers guide, 1 set of 23 grades k1 benchmark books, 3 sets of 22 grades 24 benchmark books, blackline masters book, blackline masters cd, laminated assessment procedures overview card, training dvd, 1 student assessment folder. These numbers range from 1 to 80, and are classified. Dra developmental reading assessment level correlation. Dra2 online management system subscribers to reproduce these pages in part or in.

Benchmark assessment book level 4 developmental good. All the pandanappers want in return is a million dollars. Dra 48 developmental reading assessment, canadian edition. Identify and discuss the underlying theme or main idea in texts. Do you need to print off a teacher observation guide or student assessment packet. Can dink, josh, and ruth rose collar the culprits before green lawn has to. Teachers guide, 3 set of 28 benchmark books, spiralbound blackline masters book, blackline. A benchmark assessment book level 12 allies wish p written by marcia vaughan illustrated by joy allen isbn. Dra developmental reading assessment level correlation chart grade level kindergarten 1st grade levels 2nd grade levels basal level kindergarten beginning middle end. For the titles that we did maintain, all the words or text in these titles changed. Scores are not reported to the office of superintendent of public instruction ospi, but should be used by the teacher, school, and district to provide support for all students. The 48 kit includes assessment books for levels 4080. Item numbers for the dra2 benchmark books for grades k8.

The teacher guide and blackline master book and cd can also be stored in the back portion of the box. Dra2 duke benchmark assessment book level 8 developmental reading assessment second edition by jamie smith jan 1, 2006. Correlation of dra2 48 to ct english language arts curriculum framework, grade 8 4 48 teacher guide good readers. Grades 45 dra2 student reading survey page 1 d r a 2. Population who which students could be assessed using the instrument. Please use the following websiteslinks to find names of books that would be beneficial for your child. My students need a developmental reading assessment kit that will provide me with assessment information to intervene or enrich in the students greatest areas of reading strengths or weaknesses. Likewise, a k3 kit may be used by grade 4 teachers to assess.

Benchmark assessment books, 48 benchmark assessment teacher guide, word analysis teacher guide, progress monitoring assessment teacher guide, 48 benchmark assessment blackline masters, word analysis student assessment book, routine cards, level estimator word list, 48 directions card, student assessment folders, hanging file folders. Teachers are easily able to give children books they can read by choosing a text with the corresponding dra level. The town is building a new park for a panda and her baby. It allows teachers to systematically observe, record, and evaluate a change in a students reading performance over time. Dra developmental reading assessment kit donorschoose. We are extremely busy and there is a lot to learn in 1st grade. The developmental reading assessment dra2 is an interim benchmark assessment that is designed for students in kindergarten through third grades. The selections at each grade level are written for the grade level. K3 kits include text levels a40, and 48 kits include text levels 2080.

The dra is administered individually to students by teachers andor reading specialists. Benchmark books k8 item numbers list pearson support. Dra2 trip through time a benchmark assessment book level 38 by weyn, suzanne and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. Developmental reading assessment dra2 assessment cheney. These labels should be used for the dra2, 48, which includes the bridge pack. Dra teacher observation guides test dra recording excel templates. You may use your reading record to help you remember as many book titles as possible.

Dra level 1 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 24 30 34 38 40 50 60 70 80 adventures of benny and watch by gertrude chandler warner dra levels 16 20 amelia bedelia foldout books by herman parish dra level estimated 16 annie and snowball by cynthia rylant dra levels estimated 16 24 arthur 8x8 series by marc brown dra level 16. Dra2 developmental reading assessment benchmark 18 different. Developmental reading assessment dra2 first through fourth grade teachers in cheney public schools use the dra2 to assess students independent reading proficiency and overall literacy skills. With dra2 online, all assessment data gathered with dra2 are securely housed. This set of books contains the following titles i am very flexible and open to suggestions. Teacher observation guide, blackline masters dra2 continuum, blackline masters student booklet, blackline masters record responses the teacher records responses to the reading engagement questions. Dra2 developmental reading assessment benchmark 18 different titles books. To return to the dra2 online home page from anywhere within the site, simply click the home tab at the top left of the page.

Teacher observation guide the wagon level 14, page 1. Benchmark book package of 28 different titles paperback 2006. But as soon as the pandas arrive, the baby is stolen. Berenstain bears bright and early board books by stan berenstain, jan berenstain dra levels 8 16 berenstain bears bright and early books for beginning beginners by stan berenstain, jan berenstain dra levels 6 16. K3 kits include text levels a40, and 4 8 kits include text levels 2080. Level 8 duke level 8 the lost book level 10 grandmas surprise level 10 shoe boxes level 12 allies wish level 12 roberts new friend level 14 a new school level 14 the wagon level 16 animal homes level 16 baby birds. The file folders are labeled with the titles of each benchmark assessment book. Dra level 1 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 24 30 34 38 40 50 60 70 80 39 clues by rick riordan, gordon korman, peter lerangis, et al. The dra2 organizer with leveled hanging file folders helps store and access these materials easily. Dra2, 48, student book graph m i d d l e s c h o o l e i g h t h g r a d e 80 advanced independent instructional s e v e n t h g r a d e 70 advanced independent instructional s i x t h g r a d e 60 advanced independent instructional i n t e r m e d i a t e f i f t h g r a d e 50 advanced independent instructional f o u r t h g r a d e 40. Start at the beginning, and tell me what happened in this story.

Procedures for administering the dra2 levels 4 16 step 1. Mark a carter gives middle school teachers a range of tools to help monitor literacy behavior continuously as they teach, as well as conduct periodic assessments for accountability. Beginning at the fourth grade level, the reading skills. Developmental reading assessment second edition 48. Vespers by gordon korman, jude watson, peter lerangis, et al. Set is a classroombased reading assessment system for use mainly in grades 48 to help identify student skills, to plan instruction, monitor student progress, prepare students to meet expectations. The books are sorted by dra levels which we use in school as well. The developmental reading assessment dra is a standardized reading test used to determine a students instructional level in reading.

Teachers guide and line masters in a single volume. A native american folktale benchmark assessment book level 20 developmental reading assessment second edition by lisa trumbauer and lyn martin jan 1, 2006 5. K3 kits include text levels a40, and 48 kits include text levels. Proven dra2 and edl2 diagnostic reading assessments now on your ipad. Shown below is an example of a dra2 online teacher home page. These levelstitles are in the k2 dra2 but not in the 35 dra2 last modified by. Why arent all the grade 48 texts varied within a level, like the k3 books. Students read a selection or selections and then retell what they have read to the examiner. Benchmark assessment book by level in the dra2 kit. These books may be available at the local library or at a book store.

In my 1st grade classroom, we are always growing and changing. Developmental reading assessment overview the dra has 2 major components assessment with the student and scoring the assessment. Teacher observation guide the wagon level 14, page 1 t h e w a g o n 1 4. Understanding your childs dra reading level scholastic. Level 4 is the first level at which scores are maintained for accuracy, fluency, phrasing and retelling.

Beginning in the 20102011 school year, cheney teachers began using the dra2 developmental reading assessment 2 to administer the second grade reading assessment. Dra2 allies wish benchmark assessment book level 12. Dra developmental reading assessment level correlation chart. The k3 kits are intended to be used for the most parts in grades k3. Dra2 can be used with students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Help all students become strategic and independent readers who love to read with book lists for guided reading levels a to z. Therefore, these titles are not going to match the record of oral reading if you try to use firstedition books with the new dra2 blackline masters. Dra helps educators identify every students reading ability, document progress, and tailor teaching methods to.

Children with stronger reading abilities yield higher numbers. However, k3 teachers may want to use the 4 8 kits to assess students who are reading at a grade 4 or higher. Dra2 developmental reading assessment benchmark 18. After the test is evaluated and scored, your child is assigned a numeric or alphanumeric for very early readers dra level a1 through 80. Developmental reading assessment dra2 cheney school district. This canadian edition of developmental reading assessment dra 48 gives educators the accurate assessment they need to develop independent, successful readers. Jul 02, 2018 for the titles that we did maintain, all the words or text in these titles changed. Engaged readers read often, know books and authors, and have goals for. Based on a students performance on the dra, he or she will be given a score that corresponds to their reading abilities. Teacher observation guides to record student responses the back of the summary page can also be used for recording student responses. Total score for oral reading fluency andcomprehension must be within the. Change of titles in the dra2 benchmark books for grades k3 and 48.

Titles collection set dra guided nc level intervention lexile. Dra3 developmental reading assessment, third edition. Find out more with the guided reading leveling chart plus, check out our nonfiction guided reading book lists for every level. Book title title of text used to assess the student f or nf i. The bridge pack includes assessment books for levels 20 28. Guided reading book lists for every level scholastic.

This resource containing new ageappropriate booklets written specifically for students in grades 48 but designed to support students who are reading significantly below grade level. Dra2 developmental reading assessment benchmark 17. Teacher observation guide the wagon level 14, page 1 name. Diagnose each students reading proficiency based on rate, accuracy, and comprehension determine each students dra2 independent or gui. We maintained many of the same titles, but changed the words. There are 20 levels beginning with teacher assisted reading. Please allow at least 5 working days for duplicating dra2 level assessment forms. A parent guide to finding books at their childs reading level.

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